Bicomponent  nonwoven  , raw material for baby diaper, raw material for sanitary napkin , Bicomponent spunbond nonwoven


Bicomponent spunbond nonwoven
Bicomponent PP/PE spunbond nonwoven

The structure of the fabric is just like a pencil or a wire, the (outside) sheath is PE, the (inside)core is PP, which is made of polypropylene for strength and polyethylene for softness, big different to tradition nonwoven fabrics, which is made from continuous filament fibers

The fabric has special property low temperature, easy-adhesive (direct sealing ), environmental protection, waterproof, ect.
The fabric is more used for medical, laminate industry, packeting industry, ect
1. Soft hand feeling, as smooth as silk.
2. Saving more material, the weight can be less under same request, the strength is also good.
3. Good recombination.
4. Nontoxic, non-stimulating, effectively protecting human skin.
5. The fineness of the nonwoven fabric is 0.8 denier, adopting SS double moulds.
6. After hydrophilic treatment, the fabric becomes more suitable for sanitary products.
Our products are used for surgical coat, mask; lady napkins, baby and adult diapers, all kinds of protective clothing and working clothes; Agricultural fabrics, geotextiles, insulating materials of cables and motors, battery diaphragm, packaging material, clothes liner, artificial leather base fabric, water-proof materials.